We care about fixing your feet!

Get the diagnosis right
Podiatrists are the foot specialists and know that there are many causes of heel pain. Not all heel pain is true ‘plantar fasciitis’ – in fact, it is rarer than you may think, despite what others may say or what may come up on an internet search.

Identify the cause(s)
The podiatrist will discuss your pain symptoms as there is a lot of variability between individuals. Your history will help the podiatrist to identify the contributory factors and address them.

Treatment options
There is a wide range of tools for heel pain and knowing which to use and in what order takes skill, experience and up-to-date knowledge. If you are only given one part of the treatment plan, then this will not help your recovery.

Help us to help you
Treatment is multi-factorial, and also requires your input and commitment. The podiatrist will work with you and spend time discussing a bespoke rehabilitation plan.